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hi im kristina from euclid ohio assembly #83 looking for rainbow friends from ohio anyone from ohio here?
Hi Kristina!
I'm not from Ohio, but welcome to the community! I'm Rachel, PGO/Majority Member from Washington Idaho. We're not the most active community, but hopefully you can make a few new friends here!

^.^ new friends are awesome rainbow friends are better :P you have aim or yahoo?
I do have aim, although, I must admit I'm not on as often as I once was.
my s/n, in case you do see me on is rkhaines42.
feel free to say hi!
mine is ravenoflenore560 so how longhave you been in rainbow?
I first pledged to Rainbow fifteen years ago when I was 10. I joined at 11 and stayed active until I took majority. The year after I took my majority (2003), I actually was Mother ADvisor of my Assembly. I haven't been very active these past couple of years because I moved farther away and have gotten a full time job. I miss it heaps, but I still consider rainbow one of my favorite things ever.
when did you join?
april 21st not to long ago but i love it cant wait till next years grand