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Mrs. Anna Lind, Supreme Nature, passed away on December 28th, 2006 from complications with pnumonia and pulminary fibrosis.

She served California iorg as Supreme Deputy and the n Supreme Inspector for many years and was an extraordinary woman.
Aww that's sad.
Wow. I'm really not sure how to react to this. It is a loss for Supreme and California Rainbow. However, I feel that she single-handedly ran off hundreds of abled bodied majority members in California (me being one of them). She also reduced California Sigma Tau Alpha from 4 or 5 chapters to 2 all on her own.
to be fair though it can't be done much about now and the sadness of it is that we join Rainbow for itself not for the SI's or GDs in the area we stay active after majority or not so that the assemblies can see that it doesn't end when you turn 20 but the Lessons stay in your heart.
awww Thats soo sad I remember meeting her :(
Thank so so much for posting this.

I know her family well. I was Grand Officers with one of her granddaughters. I will have to send a card.