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I'm Caitlin Rooney
From Wollaston assembly #10 in MA.
I'm currentrly service in my assembly,
and i have the same GWA as Lyndi G. (she
posted below).

I just got back from 3rd Term at Rainbow Camp,
and let me tell you, it was a blast!
I met two girls from CT. Alicia and Kimmy.

The theme was "Olympics" and we played many
games at evening activities, along with pranks
at night. My Cabin, Cabin 14, TP'd the other cabins
and put Caution tape on the doors. Capers were fun
that morning! (not). Another prank was when the councelours
Stringed all of the cabins! I woke up in the middle of that
night, and all I remember was seeing Tasha laughing. The next
morning there was an emergency drill, and getting out of the cabins were interesting. Camp is extremely fun, and I hope more girls
will come next year!

only losers go to camp and love it.

I guess I am one too.

Well.. That isn't very nice and rainbow like, but I just wanted everyone to notice it.


Seriously though, go to camp. It's the best place in the entire world.
Yeah we don't have hot water ALL days, (haha) nor do we have AC... but where else do you meet a bunch of girls... and get to swim every day, and make whatever you want to in Arts and Crafts, and Paint in LE, and Shoot Guns , and FALL INTO CANOES?


Rainbow Camp is the best place, and as much as my friends who are not in rainbow say that I am too old to be going to camp, I'll always love Rainbow and Rainbow camp!


Did the caps make it seem like I was yelling? Cause I was... cause the things you hear that are yelled are the things you remember most....

Much Love to Rainbow!
<3Tasha-lea, Grand Chaplain 06-07, Massachusetts