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Huh... I'm kinda getting the feeling that this comm's died. o.o;

Ennyway, is there anyone going to Supreme in Oklahoma City? Some girls from my Assembly are going, and we've got four hotel rooms for us and our parents. X3 There'll be six from my assembly, and then I think... three or four other girls from North Carolina. I'm so excited! It's amazing to think that Supreme's in Oklahoma while I'm still in Rainbows.

So if anyone's going, my family's leaving tomorrow morning to drive there in our van(X_x 19 hours!). If you're there, look for the Grand Recorder of North Carolina. XD That's me! I've got some cute little wooden pins to trade! :3
I think it's actually going to be in the convention center. *nod* There are lots of hotels within walking distance. ^__^