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Ten years ago today I was installed as Worthy Advisor of Bothell Assembly #47, Washington-Idaho IORG. It seems so strange that that was 10 years ago. I can't believe where I am today compared with where I thought I would be. I never expected to be a two time Past Worthy Advisor, two time Past Grand Officer, a member of Eastern Star and on an Advisory Board for an assembly other then Bothell. I never expected to have a Master's Degree or be married (though I did hope...). Heck, at that time I would have settled for a HS diploma and a boyfriend.

It was a great night. I had what I now consider to be a hideous dress, though at the time I thought it was beautiful (my family still does). If you want I can post pictures...if you promise not to laugh too hard. My second time in the East was much better fashion wise. I got up in front of family and friends and gave my speech. I remember being so nervous. There were very important people there, including the Supreme Deputy and a past GWA, and I was so scared of what they might think of me. Looking back now, Rainbow gave me some of the best memories I have, and taught me some very important life lessons...some ritual based, some not. Rainbow is one of the biggest influences in making me who I am today.

Wow, 10 years....wow........I feel old.
Bothell! I was in your district- Natasha Hawkins- PWA of Kirkland and PGNature 2002-2003. Started a LJ last year after Kelli Brady twisted my arm and just randomly signed onto this LJ community. Cool to hear from a fellow district 8!
WOW! crazy that I would find Natasha on here. I am In Bellevue #120 a part of District 8 and I am currently Grand Page to the Supreme Inspector/Leadership and I am a past page and Corrie and a PWA of belleuve