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Hey, everyone! I'm just posting back to update. :) I'm offically a member of Rainbow Girls now, and the initiation was wonderful! I was initiated with two other girls, both who were as equally excited as I was. I remember the one girl was like, "Don't worry, it's not real blood, it's only Jell-o." I couldn't help but laugh, remembering everyone's advice from here about riding a pig and all. But really, it was a blast, and already I know so many people. Afterwards, I went around hugging everyone. Another really awesome thing about the night was that my mom got the majority of her OES lodge to come see my initiation . Of course, I gave them all hugs, too. They're already recruiting me for their lodge. :-p But, anyway, I had fun, even if I was really nervous at first... but thanks again, everyone! I hope you're all well!
congratulations! i know you will have a blast! how old are you?
Thanks! <3 I'm actually 16 (just recently turned this past May), so I'm a little old in joining, I heard... but that's ok! I'm really excited about Rainbow either way, and I really am looking forward to doing a lot. :)