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 Im not from your Grand Jurisdiction but I just wanted to tell you that your link was wrong. It's www.gorainbow.org.

I am currently the Grand Christian Flag Tribute of the Ohio Jurisdiction and Worthy Advisor of our assembly 2nd time through. Check us out www.medinarainbow.org !!1 :)
hi im kristina from euclid ohio assembly #83 looking for rainbow friends from ohio anyone from ohio here?
 Hi all I am curently the Worthy Advisor of Bellevue Assembly #120.
ive been In Rainbow for over 4 years now.
ive been through the line Ive been, nature musician, Chaplain, Drill leader.
All of which opened to me new experiences.
I aboslutely love the Masonic Family.
my mother is In eastern Star past majority rainbow girl.  past GWA of washington/Idaho.
My boyfriend is in DeMolay currently serving as the Master counciler.
I searious spend pretty much every weekend with Rainbow.

The Masonic Education Committee of Grand Lodge is pleased to introduce its new Masonic education portal and the new home of the Massachusetts Lodges of Instruction:


You are cordially invited to login, look around, and suggest additional ways we can best serve your educational needs in Freemasonry.

This portal is also expected to be available soon through the http://massfreemasonry.org/ site.
If you look at my response to this post:


you'll see that I'd like to attach a chart of Masonic appendant bodies.  We'll see if I can do it this way, since I'm an LJ neophyte.

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Hi I'm a rainbow girl from Brazil.

My assembly was the first one to be established in Brazil and in May we will be commemorating fifteen years of order in the Brazil.
Mrs. Anna Lind, Supreme Nature, passed away on December 28th, 2006 from complications with pnumonia and pulminary fibrosis.

She served California iorg as Supreme Deputy and the n Supreme Inspector for many years and was an extraordinary woman.
from http://www.massfreemasonry.org/

Celebrating Freemasonry throughout the Commonwealth, Saturday, October 7th has been declared "Square & Compasses Day." Building on the tremendous success of last year's event, more than 170 Masonic Lodge buildings in the state will be hosting Open Houses and welcoming the public through their doors between 9am - 3 pm to learn more about the positive impact Freemasonry has on its members, their families and communities. For more information, please visit: http://AskAFreemason.org/

Hello Rainbow Girls! 

Hi, I'm Kasey B. and I'm a South Carolina Rainbow Girl! 

I've been in Rainbow since 1998, and I currently am Grand Immortality for the Grand Assembly of South Carolina. I'm also a member of the Jr.Executive Commity. I'm currently installed as Charity in my local assembly.  I was the Outstand Grand Representative for South Carolina at the 2004 Supreme Session, (cookies to anyone who can remember what my costume was for the parade!)

I just wanted to make a quick introductory post and stuff like that, and if any of you girls are a Grand Representative to South Carolina, I'd be happy to give you any update of what is going on in our state. 

In Rainbow Love, 

Ps. Grand Family Retreat is this weekend! Woot!

I'm Caitlin Rooney
From Wollaston assembly #10 in MA.
I'm currentrly service in my assembly,
and i have the same GWA as Lyndi G. (she
posted below).

I just got back from 3rd Term at Rainbow Camp,
and let me tell you, it was a blast!
I met two girls from CT. Alicia and Kimmy.

The theme was "Olympics" and we played many
games at evening activities, along with pranks
at night. My Cabin, Cabin 14, TP'd the other cabins
and put Caution tape on the doors. Capers were fun
that morning! (not). Another prank was when the councelours
Stringed all of the cabins! I woke up in the middle of that
night, and all I remember was seeing Tasha laughing. The next
morning there was an emergency drill, and getting out of the cabins were interesting. Camp is extremely fun, and I hope more girls
will come next year!
Hello everyone just got back from Supreme!!! we drove!! I had a blast and if anyone wants to know what happened let me know an i will update later!!! time to sleep!!!
Hey All,
I am Lyn Gardiner, from Massachusetts.
I am Currently Grand Hope, and WA in Yarmouth Assembly #118 (for the fifth time!)
Our GWA is Michelle Ricci,from Wakefield#43.
Her motto is: Reach for the Stars with Massachusetts Rainbow
Her Colors are: Celestial Blue, Silver, and Gold
Her Mascot: Fantasia Theme
Charities: Make A Wish foundation, and rainbow camp.

I am a new delegate in the Grand Cross of Color and am joining Amaranth in September.

What are all the Masonic Organisations?
5.Eastern Star
7.Job's Daughters

Any others?
what is Sigma Tau Alpha?
Huh... I'm kinda getting the feeling that this comm's died. o.o;

Ennyway, is there anyone going to Supreme in Oklahoma City? Some girls from my Assembly are going, and we've got four hotel rooms for us and our parents. X3 There'll be six from my assembly, and then I think... three or four other girls from North Carolina. I'm so excited! It's amazing to think that Supreme's in Oklahoma while I'm still in Rainbows.

So if anyone's going, my family's leaving tomorrow morning to drive there in our van(X_x 19 hours!). If you're there, look for the Grand Recorder of North Carolina. XD That's me! I've got some cute little wooden pins to trade! :3
Hi! I'm so glad I found this comm... I can't seem to find any other Rainbow Girls online!

I'm Sarah; I'm from North Carolina and tonight was the last night of our Grand Assembly. It was a lot of fun! I've been in Rainbows for the past three years (I'm 16 now) and it's already changed me a lot. I'm looking forward to becoming more and more like a lady- but I've still got a long way to go!

Are there any other NC Rainbows here?
Hello, my name is Katie, and I am 17 years old and have been in California Rainbow for nearly 7 years. I have been Worthy Advisor three times, and I am currently at Hope again. I have been consistently in the line for almost five years now! I am from Novato #194, which only has six active members, and the other assembly in our district, Petaluma #2, has 3 active.  This year our district is lucky enough to have Grand Musican and Rep. to NJ  and NY, and we just got back from Nevada Grand and will be going to NJ in August, and stopping in NY and hopefully going to a meeting there. Here are some pictures of us. 
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I'm very excited that I found this community! Rainbow plays a huge role in my life and I am happy I will be able to share things about it with all of you girls. :]

A few things about me and my Assembly: My name is Jessica, I am 16 years old (turning 17 on the 14th!!!) and I belong to Victor Valley Assembly #273 in California, United States. I am/have currently been Worthy Advisor for the past year, and will still be for the next year. The reason is because we have a small Assembly and the other Assembly in my district is even smaller, therefore we now combine our meetings to be able to hold Ritual meetings. We now have 8 active members. Before we only had 4. We tried very hard this past year to bring new girls into Rainbow, and it all worked out great. We even initiated 2 new girls at out GRAND Assembly, which brings me to my next topic....

I just got back (late last night) from California's Grand Assembly. We had such an amazing time. Of course we had some minor drama (who doesnt? Lol) but over all we had an awesome time. We got a Grand Officer this year! YAY! We havent had one in 3 years so this was a huge and fun surprise. The office she got was, Grand Representative to Montana and North Dakota. My assembly plans on doing ALOT of fund raising to be able to pay for us to go to Montana or North Dakota's Grand Assembly. I think it would be such a cool experience to see how other Rainbow girls in different states hold their Grand Assemblies. I excited!!!

This years theme for Grand Assembly was, Get you kicks in 2006 - A Rainbow Road Trip. And our Grand Service project was, Straight from the Heart. A Charity for Foster kids. We collected over 11,000 items (blankies, toys etc.) to be put together as care-packages for the foster kids. And we raised/donated over $74,000! It surely was an amazing year!!!!!!!!! :] well thats about it, for now. Questions, comments? Just ask away and I will make sure to reply. :D

With all my Rainbow L♥ve, Jessica

P.S. I added a few pics from our Grand Assembly :]

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Ten years ago today I was installed as Worthy Advisor of Bothell Assembly #47, Washington-Idaho IORG. It seems so strange that that was 10 years ago. I can't believe where I am today compared with where I thought I would be. I never expected to be a two time Past Worthy Advisor, two time Past Grand Officer, a member of Eastern Star and on an Advisory Board for an assembly other then Bothell. I never expected to have a Master's Degree or be married (though I did hope...). Heck, at that time I would have settled for a HS diploma and a boyfriend.

It was a great night. I had what I now consider to be a hideous dress, though at the time I thought it was beautiful (my family still does). If you want I can post pictures...if you promise not to laugh too hard. My second time in the East was much better fashion wise. I got up in front of family and friends and gave my speech. I remember being so nervous. There were very important people there, including the Supreme Deputy and a past GWA, and I was so scared of what they might think of me. Looking back now, Rainbow gave me some of the best memories I have, and taught me some very important life lessons...some ritual based, some not. Rainbow is one of the biggest influences in making me who I am today.

Wow, 10 years....wow........I feel old.
Alright I have some major problems with advisors at this moment!! Why is it that when ever a girl has a grievance about something they have to turn it around and make it seem like that girls are the one who are the problem?? I was unfortunately unable to attend this months business meeting because I was sick. Well, I just talked to one of the girls about the meeting because she was there. She decided to discuss with the adults why things have been going shitty. Here is her things and their responses:

What happened to our ideas about fun events and fundraisers? It is not our place to do that, that is that worthy advisors place (worthy advisor: I don't like it when I make stuff and no one goes)

What happened to the phone calls and the phone list? Phone calls are curtasy, you get a calendar ... use it.

Why can't we go to stores and ask if we can have a fundraiser or sale items outside like other organizations? the worthy advisor has to do it, you can collect money but the assembly can't do it as a whole without the worthy advisor.

What happened to the study nights? Well, one advisor lost another family member and the other one has to piece up her daughter from school and will be late. (said daughter is the worthy advisor and goes to college ... the same college that is right next to where I go and I have stated that I could pick her up before a meeting since I make my classes so I am in the area on that day!)

Why is it that we are always getting yelled at but the older girls don't get yelled at? Because they have worked for respect and have earned it. (Sorr but all these older girls except me, have an parent on the board and get treated alot better then those who don't ... they don't have to work ... everything is handed to them!)

Then the advisor go off and talk rude to them about a dinner in which they were yelling so much that a girl broke out into hives and wasn't working because she didn't understand what was going on with her body. So her two friends worked overtime to pick up her stuff, they continue to get yelled and at then tell the girls who got sick to go home ... well, the girl happened to come with the other two so they all had to leave together ... and now the advisors are upset, and very anger that the girls left them in the middle of a dinner.

Also how many members are to be present to have it considered to be a legal meeting?? The girl I talked to said there was five girls and the adults said that since there were so many advisors present (more then the girls) then it would be considered an legal meeting. If I remember correctly the number is seven ... but let me know if I am wrong.

Feedback Needed, because I just had to talk a girl out of deactivating and will propably need to talk to more!!!!
Hello again!

I need your help. I am working on a way have more participation in an assembly. One idea that I have is to set up a point system where for each event you go to and each 'special' things you do at the events gets you points. At the beginning of a term the advisory board or members of the point committee set up a certain number of points to have the girls get to. Once a girl get to that number, they get to pick from a gift box or pick from a bowl of events, These events could be like ... free pay to a grand reception or you get to pick what movie we see at a movie night. Here is an example of what I mean.

Going to Event Points:
1 point: serving a dinner or a service event
2 points: attending a fun event
3 points: business/special meetings
4 points: grand receptions/attending events of the other masonic fraternities
5 points: grand assembly/supremem assembly or attending another grand jurisdiction

Breakdown of points for Business Meetings
set up
take down
knowing your part
study committee
take notes of the meeting
make a motion/second a motion
participate in a discussion
sign the sign-in book/cards

For serving dinners:
clear tables
take out the trash
do the dishes or put them away
serve coffe/water
serve dessert
attend your assigned tables

New Members:
bringing a girl to an event
signing a petiton as girlfriend of/first signer
signing a ptition as second signer
going to the visitation

If you can give me any ideas or comments on this that would be greatly appreciated. I need help coming up with things for the other events. So if you have any ideas about what would be point getters that would be awesome!! Once I get this done, I have premission to give it to my advisory board to see if they want to use it in my assembly ... also I will place the finished project on this lj!!

Thanks so much!!
Hey all! For my WAA fundraiser I am planning a masquerade ball. I got the idea from having an obsession with Phantom of the Opera, only problem is I don't have much of an idea about how to decorate and what activites I should plan for. The dance isn't until March but I really would like to get most things figured out soon so that I don't have to worry about the stress of last minute-ness. If anyone has any ideas they would be most appreciated.
Hey, everyone! I'm just posting back to update. :) I'm offically a member of Rainbow Girls now, and the initiation was wonderful! I was initiated with two other girls, both who were as equally excited as I was. I remember the one girl was like, "Don't worry, it's not real blood, it's only Jell-o." I couldn't help but laugh, remembering everyone's advice from here about riding a pig and all. But really, it was a blast, and already I know so many people. Afterwards, I went around hugging everyone. Another really awesome thing about the night was that my mom got the majority of her OES lodge to come see my initiation . Of course, I gave them all hugs, too. They're already recruiting me for their lodge. :-p But, anyway, I had fun, even if I was really nervous at first... but thanks again, everyone! I hope you're all well!
Hey, Everyone! I'm not *quite* a member of Rainbow yet, I'm joining on Tuesday. But due to my excitement and boredom I decided to look up other Rainbow members on LJ. So of course, I got super-excited when I found out about this community. Masonic stuff isn't anything new to me, my father's a Mason, my mom's involved with Eastern Star, my brother's a member of DeMolay. But I just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone, and wish everyone well. :) I'm so excited...
I just got my Rainbow Cookbook from Supreme (money from the sales will go toward replacing the heating/cooling at the Supreme Temple, which is estimated to cost $40K) -

WOW!  If you haven't ordered one, get your money in!  There are 476 pages of recipes, with variations on popular dishes and TONS of really good stuff.

There isn't a lot of frou-frou stuff (I hate to get a cookbook and they call for things that a normal person would never have on-hand at home), it's all easy to make.  I can already see why many of these things are probably Assembly traditions for carry-in dinners.

The cover is very colorful and you can tell a LOT of work went into this.  Totally worth the $20, you'll actually USE these recipes!

I personally can't wait to try Caroline's Creme de Menthe Brownies and Misha's Chicken Fajitas.  My sister's TO DIE FOR White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing recipe is in there, too.  AND, "Ghost On A Stick"!  :D

To order your cookbook:  Send a check for $20 (made out to Rainbow Cookbook - IORG) to:

International Order of Rainbow for Girls
PO Box 1868
McAlester, OK  74502

Be sure to include the name and address where you want your cookbook sent.