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This weekend, Michigan's new Grand Family girls went to Midland, MI for our Grandie Camp weekend. Grandie Camp is where we all get to know each other better and is the first event we attend of the year. We always have a great time & this year I took a TON of pictures!

Laura Tuttle is our Grand Worthy Advisor for 2005-2006, her mascot/symbols are the frog & dragonfly, her colors are purple and teal green I believe. That might explain a lot of these pictures...

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also, what do you think of this ghandi quote as a theme for the WA/ID/AOP's theme:

be the change you want in the world

i think that is how the quote goes.

thank's for any input!
Despite being a member of this lj community for a while, since I'm a Jobie and its nice to see what the other youth groups are up to, tonight I became a member of IORG. So I just wanted to say hello.
illinois grand is tomorrow!!!! everyone should go!!!:-D
Hello i am Paige Lyke a Grand Representative to Alabama,Alaska,and Arizona. i i am so happy because there is a pretty good chance that i will be at Flordia Grand Ass.so i am so happy i will tell you more when i know more love you all Paige ........................OUT
Hey everybody!!

This year, our GWA is selling cookbooks as a fundraiser for her service project, Community PedsCare. Community PedsCare provides hospice care to children with a terminal illness. The main purpose of this program is to make the last weeks of life as comfortable and happy as possible for the child and their family. Our GWA asked each of her Grand Officers to committ to selling 20 cookbooks each. My dilemma is this: we have like 3 weeks left until Grand Assembly and I still have 15 cookbooks to sell. They are really nice cookbooks. They are 182-pages filled with recipes for any homemade dish you can think of. They are $12 each and if anyone is interested in buying one, please e-mail me at shanay247@yahoo.com and we can make arrangements from there. Thanks so much for your help!!

Grand Executive Board
Grand Assembly of FL
my friend michelle and i are looking for themes for her reception. she is grand WA/ID/AOP, and she wants her theme to have something to do with fortune cookies. something like: let the fortune cookie of your life be______________________. i thought of "let the fortune cookie of your life guide you to true happiness. any ideas?
Everyone else is posting about different grand assemblies so I will add to the mix! Massachusetts was the same as usual (rather short and dull, compared to other states), only we were in Plymouth this year, which was a considerable improvement. (Our Grand Assembly was a week ago). Also the new Grand Worthy Advisor is Tasha Cosman is from my assembly, Lexington #37! We are super excited, as Lexington has never had a GWA in all 80 years of Mass. Rainbow. Yay!
this year's motto is "Live happily ever after with Massachusetts Rainbow". Oh yes, you guessed it, fairy tales are the theme, with the frog prince (and kermit the frog) as mascots

I hope everyone who is going has fun at New Hampshire Grand this weekend and if anyone is going to Rhode Island Grand I will see you there! :) (Amanda, Grand Assembly Banner Bearer and Grand Rep to Bolivia in MA)

p.s.- if anyone knows anything about Rainbow in Bolivia, or speaks spanish, let me know ;)

So I just got back from my first out-of-state rainbow experience, Virginia's Grand Assembly. It was a loooong car ride down but well worth it. VA doesn't seem to have all that many rainbow girls which is suprising since they have so many masonic lodges. There theme was renesance (sp?) and Katie prosided in the East very beautifully. They did a charity splash which was SO much fun. They had a car rigged outside the hotel that when a string was pulled caused a whole lot of water to fall on someones head who was sitting in a chair nearby. Usually the GWA and supremem inspector, etc. are the ones who get all wet, which still happened, but somehow the 3 CT girls ended up in the mix too. People bid on who gets to pull the string, highest bid wins. Together the CT girls raised $155 out of the $850 collected. THey also have a water park accross from the hotel that we had a pool party in *mucho fun*. well on that note my friend just came over so adios
I did a cut to save you all some space
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Our 2005 Grand was VERY fun! We had quite a few visitors so that was great! The people in the pictures...

Chrissy was our 2004-2005 Grand Worthy Advisor and is now Jr. Past GWA

My OES Counterpart was Diane, she was Grand Conductress of OES

Laura was our 2004-2005 Grand Worthy Advisory and is now GWA, the VERY FIRST of her assembly!

Mother Lawrence is still our Supreme Deputy

Mother Riley is still our State Mother Advisor

Danny was the Demolay State Master Conceilor for 2004-2005

Katie was Grand Hope and is now Grand Worthy Associate Advisor

Mandy is still a Grand Representative to different states now

Michelle is no longer a Grand Representative but is our Rainbow Girl of the Year for 2005-2006

Beth was Grand Immortality and is now Grand Chaplain

Paige is still a Grand Representative to different states now

Dad Bradley is still our State Rainbow Dad

Dad Brock is from my assembly

And I was Grand Faith and am now Grand Recorder/Editor because I requested it since I can not attend all of our state events

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Hey.. I'm Jennifer... from rainbow assembly #19 in CT... I just entered a photo that I took into a "contest" for Jones Pop... I would appreciate if anyone has just a second and could go here and vote for the picture... Thanks a lot! (and excuse the cross posting, I have this in IORG and iorg_demolay)

In rainbow love and pixie dust,

Jennifer, GR to VA from CT


so me and michelle-grand rep to WA/ID/AOP will be attending grand assembly in washington in july. is there anything i can be informed of?
Alright so everyone knows at least one girl who has join and then does come for any reason and ends up on suspension for unpaid dues or something like that. I was curious what assemblies or people do to stop or lessen the amount of girls that this happens too.
Please respond to this with anything you have ... even the smallest thing could keep a member!!
Hello Everyone,
I'm from Billerica Assembly #61 in MA, and a third time Worthy Advisor. Needless to say, my activities have been getting pretty boring. After our meetings, it is custom for my assembly to have a fun activity for the girls planned. We've done board games about a hundred times because my creativity has run low. If anyone has any suggestions, please reply. Weekend activity suggestions would also be appreciated.
Hey everybody!

Over the last few weeks, my district has held 2 initiations and we are going to have another one on the 23rd. Anyways, all these initiations have gotten me thinking about my own initiation. I was initiated on November 20, 1999 into Lakeland Assembly #26. I remember who most of the officers were. They were all so amazing. Their memory work was outstanding...not one girl had to be prompted. And they were all so beautiful and graceful. Those were the girls that I wanted to be like...and since then, I've always strived to be one of those girls... And after our last initiation, I had this big epiphany...the girls we are initiating are probably looking up to us just like I looked up to the officers in my initiation.

But for some reason, I feel like the new initiates are getting cheated...atleast in my area of the world. At our last initiation, there were only about 3 girls who made it through the whole initiation without having to be prompted once. Everyone else was prompted atleast 3 times each and some just read the part out of the ritual. It just seemed really sad to me, because at my initiation, all the officers never had to be prompted. No one read out of the ritual. They knew their parts and they said them with feeling. When they said the words, it was obvious that the part meant something to them, thus...it meant something to me. How can we expect the words to mean something to the candidate if we act like they mean nothing to us? I'm not saying that I do a perfect job everytime... But it is my belief that if Rainbow truly means something to you, it will always take place as one of your top priorities. I know that there are other stresses in life...but Idk...it just seems unfair to me. Girls took the time to learn their parts for our initiations...shouldn't we offer the new girls that same courtesy?

But anyways, my point in writing this post was not to complain. My point was to get everybody to talk about their initiation and what they remember about it. Thinking about my own initiation has really brought me a lot of joy and it reminds me of how important Rainbow has been and is in my life. So tell me about your initiation... Were you sick or on crutches when you were initiated? Did your mom cry? All that good stuff...I'd love to hear about it :D

Have a great day!

so is anyone here on myspace? there are tons of rainbow girls and rainbow/masonic groups.
So, last night I returned to my old assembly for the first time in 3 years as an active Majority Member. It was super nice to see all the little girls I left behind when I went to college. One in particular: this was Christie's first meeting after she got her appointment at CA Grand Assembly. She's the new GEC/ CA Flag Bearer and Rep to Germany, Italy, and Michigan. I remember when she first got initiated and had the worst posture ever. Now she's going to be winging to Europe and taking my sister with her.
i just have to represent my district!!! in California a kara from my district got grand service 2006, and my girl michelle from my assembly got grand washington/idaho/australia/orient pacific!!! yeah! guess who's going to washington this summer? that's right! we are!
Hello! My name is Jenny and I am a Job's Daughter and Eastern Star member. I have just created an Eastern Star community. Feel free to join us in our discussions!


Bare with me, this is my first community!
Hey there. I'm Janet from Maryland rainbow, and I just thought I'd pick some of your brains for opinions, thoughts, ideas...ect.

As it is in our state, there are only six assemblies. The two largest of these are on opposite sides of the state from one another. At this year's grand assembly, we discovered that we have not two, not three, but four people in the Grand Line this year. This means that from now to 2008, we will have a GWA in office. We had a GWA three years ago, and it was stressful on the assembly. I can only imagine how crazy it's going to get with three years of it.
I just recieved my majority at this last grand assembly, and I am looking to take a more 'advisor' type role in my assembly. This concerns me quite a bit as I will be one of those 'behind the scenes, stress and all that' people.

Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts.

Janet H.
Salisbury #5
Girls, I feel like such a frog. I realised today that I have been ignoring this journal (this user name in particular--not the Rainbow Community), and thus have let this community go unwatched by me.
What a horrible moderator I am!

Needless to say, I will be adding my more active journal (lonesome_pine) to this community so I can actually see what all of you are up to!

And as an update for me (probably the reason I've been not paying any attention), I finished my year as Mother Advisor. I wasn't asked to be on the board again, but I decided I wasn't going to be able to be MA this year anyway even before they asked me.

It's odd to have a break from Rainbow, and I'm kind of sad to say that I'm enjoying the lack of responsibility. It's nice to be able to not have to go to anything and actually be able to focus on starting my career.

Hope you're all doing well!

Take care!
okay i have a question but first off...

I'm Vicki from the F-I-N-E Nashua #9 in New Hampshire. I'm 16 and have been in rainbow three years. my fourth is coming up soon though! and i'm chaplain and am hoping to be faith for the next term. which sucks cause then i'd be WA my first semester in college but that's all my fault. but it's not too late is it? i feel it is cause some girls are WA's when they're 14! but then again i left for a year so you never know.

okay on to my question. Is the indigo bar named Patriotism in other countries? cause it's lecture talks of the stars and stipes and that just bothered me. anyway... thanks.
Hey everyone!

I'm a majoity PWA from CA and I'm looking to get involved in iorg again now that I've finished college. Does anyone know how old I have to be to serve on an assembly's board? I've heard that there is an age requirement for majority girls but I can't seem to find any guidelines for that. I even flipped through the Gold Book.
Grand Assembly in CT was last weekend. It was all a good time. The new GWAA who will next year be GWA is Anne Hines who is from my assembly! That was all insane. I retired as GR to North Dakota and am now GR to Virginia. That is all I currently have time to say. Hope all are well.

In rainbow love and pixie dust,