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 Hi all I am curently the Worthy Advisor of Bellevue Assembly #120.
ive been In Rainbow for over 4 years now.
ive been through the line Ive been, nature musician, Chaplain, Drill leader.
All of which opened to me new experiences.
I aboslutely love the Masonic Family.
my mother is In eastern Star past majority rainbow girl.  past GWA of washington/Idaho.
My boyfriend is in DeMolay currently serving as the Master counciler.
I searious spend pretty much every weekend with Rainbow.
Hooray for WA/ID!
My name is Rachel, and I'm a PGO/PMA of Sumner Assembly. (don't think I'm some creepy old lady spying on you girls through, I was MA at 20, only 4 years ago.)
I'm glad you've found the community. We're not as active as we could be I suppose, but it's still a good place to meet other Rainbow folks.