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I'm very excited that I found this community! Rainbow plays a huge role in my life and I am happy I will be able to share things about it with all of you girls. :]

A few things about me and my Assembly: My name is Jessica, I am 16 years old (turning 17 on the 14th!!!) and I belong to Victor Valley Assembly #273 in California, United States. I am/have currently been Worthy Advisor for the past year, and will still be for the next year. The reason is because we have a small Assembly and the other Assembly in my district is even smaller, therefore we now combine our meetings to be able to hold Ritual meetings. We now have 8 active members. Before we only had 4. We tried very hard this past year to bring new girls into Rainbow, and it all worked out great. We even initiated 2 new girls at out GRAND Assembly, which brings me to my next topic....

I just got back (late last night) from California's Grand Assembly. We had such an amazing time. Of course we had some minor drama (who doesnt? Lol) but over all we had an awesome time. We got a Grand Officer this year! YAY! We havent had one in 3 years so this was a huge and fun surprise. The office she got was, Grand Representative to Montana and North Dakota. My assembly plans on doing ALOT of fund raising to be able to pay for us to go to Montana or North Dakota's Grand Assembly. I think it would be such a cool experience to see how other Rainbow girls in different states hold their Grand Assemblies. I excited!!!

This years theme for Grand Assembly was, Get you kicks in 2006 - A Rainbow Road Trip. And our Grand Service project was, Straight from the Heart. A Charity for Foster kids. We collected over 11,000 items (blankies, toys etc.) to be put together as care-packages for the foster kids. And we raised/donated over $74,000! It surely was an amazing year!!!!!!!!! :] well thats about it, for now. Questions, comments? Just ask away and I will make sure to reply. :D

With all my Rainbow L♥ve, Jessica

P.S. I added a few pics from our Grand Assembly :]

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Me (left) Alisha (right) in the car on our way to Fresno California for Grand Assembly. Alisha was one of our initiates at G.A.

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Denny's! We have a tradition to stop at a Denny's on our way to Fresno.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is Mara. Our first night at G.A. was alot of laughs.

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Mara (left) and De'Ana (right). De'Ana was our other initiat .

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Angel (left) and Me (right) at 6am in the morning......Lol

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mara (left) Me (right) a few hours later when we were more awake. :]

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De'Ana, our little dancer. :]

Image hosting by Photobucket
Installation. The girls forming heart in the middle of our Grand Floor.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The new Grandies waiting to be installed!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Angel, our new Grandie, her jewl being put on her/being installed as Grand Representative of Montana North Dakota!!!! :D
thanks for posting the pictures from installation. i had to leave monday morning. i'm a majority member from down the hill in Fontana (we have nature this year).

Very Welcome :]

♥ Jessica
Thanks for posting the pictures! I'm an old, old, old majority member and haven't been to GA in about 5 years! What is this year's mascot?
(California) Grizzly Bear.

So we are, The Gregarious Grizzlys of 2007. :]
welcome to the community!

happy birthday and thanks for posting pictures from sessions!

Maybe one of these years I can get to go back to California.
Aww, Thank you hon. Your the first to tell me Happy Birthday. :]

And your deff. welcome. :]

hooray! hope today is great!
you have the same birthday as my best friend from kindergarten (you're just a few years younger though). ;-)

PS. I'm Rachel, and I'm one of the moderators here. I'm a Majority member from WA/ID. PWA, PGO, PMA and all that good stuff. (don't freak out, I'm only 22, and yes, I was MA for a year.)